Alloy wheels that are scratched, scraped, bent, or have peeling paint can be expertly refinished by Wheel Innovations.

Roads can be a tough on your wheels. Whether they sustain damage due to accidents, potholes, uneven surfaces, or curbs, Wheel Innovations can bring your wheels back to new condition and save you money.


The wheel refinishing process includes:

  • repairing (including removal of old paint, welding if necessary, and hand sanding of wheel)
  • checking for straightness 
  • priming
  • expertly paint color matched to each and every wheel
  • Last but not least, powder clear coated – the most durable finish there is!

Wheel Innovations can also refinish wheels that are machined and painted.

Machined and Painted

Machined and Painted

This personalized look is created by painting the wheel before lathing on the CNC machine. The wheel is then spun on the CNC lathe and during this process, a small bit cuts very thin lines along the wheel face that creates a prism-like effect. The face and spokes are left with CNC lathe lines, and the wheel pockets are left with paint. The final step is to powder clear coat the wheel.

For a complete service, we can mount and balance a tire back onto the wheel.

All wheels sent to Wheel Innovations for remanufacturing are checked for straightness and safety.

In the event that a wheel is too badly damaged, Wheel Innovations can locate a replacement wheel. Wheel Innovations has thousands of alloy and steel wheels in stock every day, and a vast network of suppliers throughout the country.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality products

as a cost effective alternative to paying dealer prices!