Warranty Policy

All products are guaranteed to be intact, functional and free of damage. Used wheels and wheel covers may show some wear but are guaranteed to be functional.

Wheel Structural Warranty:

All wheel(s) from Wheel Innovations, whether the customer purchases new or used, are guaranteed to be round, true, balanceable and structurally sound. Once a tire is mounted to the wheel(s) and the product is used, we cannot warranty the wheel structurally from that point as we cannot control driving habits, road conditions, etc.

Wheel Cosmetic Warranty:

Wheel Innovations offers a 1 Year Warranty on reconditioned and replica wheels ONLY. We will warranty our wheels to be free from defects in manufacturing and materials and will replace or recondition a wheel that is deemed to be defective for a period of 1 Year after purchase. Liability of Wheel Innovations under this warranty is limited to repair or replacement of the defective part.

Wheel Innovations is not responsible for damage caused by abuse, incorrect installation, modification, accidents or normal wear; nor is Wheel Innovations responsible for labor charges, inconvenience, car rental expenses, or other expenses related to installation or use of our products whether purchased from us or an independent reseller.

Exceptions To Wheel Cosmetic Warranty

Exceptions To Wheel Cosmetic WarrantyWheel Innovations does not warranty wheels that have or have had wheel weights mounted to the face of the wheel or on the outside facing outer edge of the wheel. Wheel Innovations cannot warranty corrosion that is the result of normal wear or neglect.

Wheel Innovations DOES NOT warranty Chrome Clad wheels beyond our Structural Warranty. Chrome Plated wheels receive a Cosmetic Warranty for a period of one year.
Wheel Innovations DOES NOT offer a Cosmetic Warranty on Used wheels and rims.